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Water Restrictions Variance Request Form

  1. Please provide a reason for the requested variance (new lawn or landscaping, vacation, etc).

  2. Please provide the specific part(s) of the water restrictions plan from which you're requesting relief (watering three days a week, watering on specific days, etc). 

  3. Please provide a detailed statement as to how the specific provision(s) of the water restrictions plan provided above adversely affects you, or what damage or harm will occur to you or others if you comply with the water restrictions. 

  4. How would you like to use water that differs from the current water restrictions?

  5. Please provide alternative water use restrictions you are planning to take to comply with the current water restrictions (limiting indoor water use, using the cycle and soak method of irrigation to reduce runoff, etc). 

  6. Please provide an other pertinent information. 

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