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Community Information

  1. General Inquiry or Comment

    Ask the City of Coppell a question or submit a comment. This form should not be used for emergency communications or to submit... More…

Fire Department

  1. Contact Us

    General question(s) for Fire Department.

  1. Fire Inspection Scheduling

    Form to schedule a fire inspection from the Coppell Fire Department.


  1. Art Exhibit Request

    Thank you for your interest in exhibiting artwork at the Cozby Library. This form must be completed for your artwork to be considered... More…

  2. Hang Teen Presenter Application

    Teen volunteers interested in the Presenter: Hang Teen volunteer opportunity must complete this application form prior to approval. You... More…

  3. Library Comments

    We welcome your questions, comments, or ideas you have for the Cozby Library and Community Commons. Be sure to include contact... More…

  4. Storybook Walk Survey

    Have you visited the Storybook Walk in Town Center Plaza? We'd love to hear your feedback!

  1. Cozby Book Match

    Cozby Book Match is a personalized service to match you with suggested books or authors to read next.

  2. Indie Author Fair Application

    Are you an indie author looking to showcase your work? Apply to be a part of the Cozby Library & Community Commons Indie Author Fair.... More…

  3. Material Request Form

    Material requests for purchase are welcome for items not in the library catalog. Check the online catalog for availability before... More…

  4. Veterans Stories Submission Form

    Share your story of military experience with the Coppell community! The Cozby Library and Community Commons is creating a space for... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Ask A Naturalist

    Calling all Nature Nerds! Did you find a mystery plant or animal in Coppell Nature Park, or did you have some other experience in... More…

  2. Park & Recreation Month: Share Your Coppell Parks Story
  3. Police Officer Booking Request
  1. Badge in a Box Request Form
  2. Personal Training and Private Exercise Instruction
  3. Scout Facilitated Program Request Form

Police Department

  1. Block Party Permit Form

    A block party application and permit form must be submitted 14 business days prior to the date of a block party.

  1. Patrol Action Request - Vacation House Check & Directed Patrol

Public Works

  1. Non-Emergency Request for Service

    This system will create a service request that will automatically be routed to the appropriate city department. You may submit a... More…