What qualities are we looking for in Youth Allies®?

Youth who care. We are looking for young leaders who are passionate and who resonate with these Traits of a Youth Ally
Youth who are willing to help. We seek those who demonstrate the qualities of compassion, empathy and service. 
Youth who demonstrate leadership. We want both identified leaders and leaders who are currently unrecognized (either by the school community or themselves). These leaders should show curiosity and desire to learn, and should lead when no one is looking. 

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1. What is Youth Allies®?
2. Why did Youth Allies® begin?
3. What will Youth Allies® do?
4. How is Youth Allies® like the Allies in Community® program?
5. What qualities are we looking for in Youth Allies®?
6. What is the criteria to join?
7. Who can participate?
8. When will Youth Allies® launch?
9. Why is Youth Allies® a pilot program? Will there be more opportunities to join Youth Allies®?
10. Can participation in Youth Allies® be used to satisfy service hour requirements for National Honor Society or other academic programs?