What will Youth Allies® do?

Youth Allies® provides learning opportunities to that help Coppell youth build a sense of belonging and unity while also acquiring leadership skills to benefit themselves and their communities. The pilot program will help youth connect with each other through a fun, highly interactive workshop designed to build self-awareness and new skills. 

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1. What is Youth Allies®?
2. Why did Youth Allies® begin?
3. What will Youth Allies® do?
4. How is Youth Allies® like the Allies in Community® program?
5. What qualities are we looking for in Youth Allies®?
6. What is the criteria to join?
7. Who can participate?
8. When will Youth Allies® launch?
9. Why is Youth Allies® a pilot program? Will there be more opportunities to join Youth Allies®?
10. Can participation in Youth Allies® be used to satisfy service hour requirements for National Honor Society or other academic programs?