Why did the City decide to reconstruct S Belt Line now?

S Belt Line Road between Southwestern and IH-635 was originally constructed in 1985 and has outlasted its expected life, though the roadway has been maintained over the years to prolong its usability. In fact, the City partnered with Dallas County in 2018 to implement an asphalt overlay project to provide a smoother (and safer!) ride for drivers until the reconstruction project could begin.

S Belt Line Road, Freeport Parkway, and S Royal Lane were all built in mid-1980s, and, as a result, all three roadways reached a need for major repairs and upgrades at the same time. The City of Coppell charted a course many years ago to rebuild all three major roadways in the most efficient manner possible, and staff carefully considered solutions to mitigate impacts to both commuters and businesses. The City tackled the Freeport Parkway first, as this roadway provides commuters with an alternate route to both S Belt Line and S Royal. In 2017, the City began construction on Freeport. Staff worked concurrently to plan out and design the S Belt Line reconstruction project. 

Soon after the completion of S Belt Line, the City will begin reconstruction on S Royal Lane.

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1. Why did the City decide to reconstruct S Belt Line now?
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