How does my advanced water meter benefit me?

The MyH2O Customer Portal provides residents and businesses with access to usage data from their advanced meters. Residents and businesses are able to more closely monitor their water consumption and adjust their usage accordingly. In addition, a leak alert can be set that notifies the account holder if the system is detecting a leak at their home or business. The customer can also setup usage alerts which will generate an email when the account registers the usage established by the account holder. In short, customers have the tools and data they need to better plan and "Get to Know Your H2O."

In 2019, the City replaced all residential and commercial water meters with advanced meters. This meter replacement project was the result of listening to our customers. Specifically, the purpose of the project was to provide customers with a water meter system that accurately registers usage, utilizes technology to proactively provide effective and efficient customer service, and provide our customers with easy access to water usage information.

Improved Accuracy

The new system addresses the accuracy concern. During the development and investigation phase of the water meter project, a random test of old meters found meters to be registering approximately 90% of actual water consumption. As a result, some customers were not being charged for their full water usage. The new meters register with an accuracy of at least 98.5% of actual consumption. With improved accuracy of the new meter, customers’ bills more precisely reflect charges for actual water usage.

Enhanced Customer Service

The new meter system enhances the customer experience by allowing staff to provide proactive rather than reactive customer service. Previously, staff only saw how much water a customer used once a month when the meter was read for billing purposes. The new system allows staff to monitor the system for potential leaks and unusual consumption throughout the month. Staff is able to research situations and contact a customer sooner than they could under the old system. In addition, staff had no way to answer consumption questions from customers who had the older analog meters. Customers with the radio meters required staff to go to the meter to download consumption information.

The new system provides staff with the ability to access information for all customers who call with questions. The new meter system also helps customers gain deeper insight and understanding on how and when they use water. The new system provides customers with access to a Customer Portal where they can:

  • Set daily usage alerts - alerts you when consumption is more than a given amount in a day.
  • Set billing cycle usage alerts - alerts you when consumption is more than a given amount in a billing cycle.
  • Set vacation usage alerts - alerts you if usage occurs when you are away on vacation.
  • See how much water is used each hour, each day, or each month.
  • Control the water portion of their Utility Bill through knowledge of when and how they are using water.
  • Click a link to pay their bill online.
  • Receive messages and alerts from the City.

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