What are the Allies® sessions and workshops like?

Sessions include information, education, and an open discussion with cohort members and DiversityWealth leaders centered around a different themed module each session (i.e. Identity, Trust, and Belonging). The structured format of the sessions is designed to create a safe and inclusive environment where all viewpoints can be expressed freely and respectfully. Off-site group workshops will include a hands-on activity to further explore the theme presented in the module, such as sharing a meal or exploring a new place.

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1. What is an Ally?
2. Do I need any special qualifications to participate in Allies in Community®?
3. How do I get involved with Allies in Community®?
4. What is the time commitment for Allies in Community®?
5. What are the Allies® sessions and workshops like?
6. What is the Allies in Community® program looking to achieve?