How do I report a street light that needs to be repaired?

Most street lights are maintained by Oncor Electric. Please call 888-313-6862 or use the Oncor Streetlight website to report a problem withCity of Coppell owned street lighting along Sandy Lake Road a street light. When reported online, a confirmation number is issued and you can leave your information for questions or be notified when the repair has been made.

The newer street lights along Sandy Lake Road, Denton Tap Road, and Freeport Parkway are maintained by the City of Coppell. Please call 972-462-5168 to report problems with these lights.

Home Owners Associations Maintaining Their Own Street Lights

Some Home Owners Association (HOAs) maintain their own lamps within the neighborhood, usually at entrances to the subdivision. To contact the HOA and let them know of an issue, please see the Homeowner’s Association Contacts list. These are the HOAs that maintain their own street lamps:

  • Arbor Manors
  • Belmont Landing
  • East Lake
  • The Fairways at Riverchase
  • Red Hawk
  • Ridgecrest Estates
  • Westhaven

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1. How do I report a street light that needs to be repaired?
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