H2O Education

With increased accessibility to water usage data, customers have been empowered to get to know their H2O. This page provides resources to help customers add to their water education from leak detection to typical indoor water usage. If you have additional questions, please contact Utility Billing at 972-304-3695.

  1. Your Water Meter
  2. Checking for a Leak
  3. Your Irrigation System
  4. Typical Indoor Water Usage
  5. Average Irrigation Water Usage
  6. Customer Portal Features & Benefits 

Where is my Water Meter?

Water meters are located in the ground in front of the home near the curb or sidewalk. Look for a dark circular lid.

Water Meter marked

Opening and Closing Your Water Meter

The meter lid is locked and requires a key like the one shown below to unlock it. 

Standard Water Meter Key

Water Meter Key on Lid

There is a transmitter with a wire attached to the top of the meter lid which provides information to the City of Coppell and the customer portal. Please use caution when removing the lid to avoid damaging the wire. It is also important that the wire is placed back inside the meter can before closing the lid. 

    Water Meter Lid