City Workplan

Vision 2040 Sets the Stage for City Projects and Investments

City of Coppell staff work on a variety of projects – from street construction to utility payment processing, book checkouts to playground maintenance. With so many things going on, it’s vital that the City proactively plan projects in order to provide the best service possible to residents. 

Each year, City Administration teams up with departments to prioritize projects and set the course for the year. At the end of this project prioritization process, a workplan document is created and presented to City Council for approval. Once approved, the workplan is used as a project checklist for the fiscal year.  

Before an effective workplan can be created, however, the City must have a good understanding of the community’s priorities and vision for the future. This is where the City’s Vision 2040 Strategic Plan comes into play. 

The Vision 2040 Strategic Plan lays the groundwork for the next 20 years of focused investment in Coppell. This plan uses data and research to guide the City’s priorities and dictate the projects that the staff undertakes. The goals and pillars in the Vision 2040 plan are translated into actionable items in the workplan. The community told us what it wanted, and we will use the Vision 2040 plan to bring this vision to life.     

View the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Workplan (PDF)