Sustainability Data

Performance Measures / Indicators

The City takes deliberate steps to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. The performance measures/indicators tracked by the City's Green Team demonstrate the success of the sustainable practices that are in place in the organization and citywide. Water, electricity, and gas consumption are tracked at all City-owned facilities. The citywide sustainability effort can be seen by measuring:

  • The donations given at the community garden
  • The amount of recycling diverted from the landfill on "Green Wednesday"
  • The amount of prescription drugs received at the drug take-back initiative
  • The quantity of community programs and participants

Check out the following measurements, updated for Fiscal Year 2016.

  1. Water Consumption
  2. Gas Consumption
  3. Electric Consumption
  4. Clean Fleet
  5. Recycling Diverted from Landfill
  6. Community Garden Donations
  7. Community Programs & Participants
  8. BEC Solar Panels

Graph showing combined yearly water consumption of all Coppell City facilities

Total water consumption for all City-owned facilities is represented on this graph. The City of Coppell looks to reduce consumption at each City facility through utilizing low flush toilets, low flow faucets, rain sensors, and drip irrigation where possible. The recent xeriscaping/beautification projects along Denton Tap and Sandy Lake have seen a reduction in water consumption through more efficient irrigation techniques.

In 2012, Coppell amended the Zoning Ordinance to incorporate xeriscaping/Texas Smartscaping. Additions and deletions were made to the commercial plant palette based on water needs, drought and heat tolerance, and disease resistance. The Texas Smartscape website is a good resource if your looking to improve upon your landscape at your home. The City's Water Conservation Plan outlines irrigation techniques, gives tips on how to conserve water at home and at the office, and lists the five stages of water conservation.