Water Conservation Plan

The City is currently in Stage 1.

The City has instituted Stage 1 in accordance with the City of Dallas Drought Contingency Plan. The goal is to achieve a 5% reduction in water use due to the severity of drought conditions in the region. See the Stage 1 description on this page.

Water Conservation Plan Revision Ordinance Number 2014-1376 was passed in 2014 to amend the Daily Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan from Ordinance Number 2009-1229. The Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan describes the stages the City of Coppell has established. The Ordinance establishes the stages based on the demand and the City's ability to supply water. The stages are posted in various City buildings, in the water bill insert, and on the front page of the City's website.

Monitor your water usage, set consumption threshold alerts and more through the MYH2O Customer Portal.

Have you seen a malfunctioning sprinkler head or watering violations? Report water waste.

  1. Stage 1: Water Awareness
  2. Stage 2: Water Watch
  3. Stage 3: Water Warning
  4. Stage 4: Water Emergency
  5. Water Variances

No outside watering will be allowed between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, with the exception of the use of non-spray irrigation systems and hand watering. The use of non-spray irrigation systems and hand watering will be allowed all days, at all times during Stage 1.