Register as a Volunteer

Allies in Community - City of CoppellThank you for your interest in volunteering for your community!

The City of Coppell recognizes and welcomes the extraordinary value volunteers bring to the public stewardship, citizen engagement, and expanded resources of programs, projects, events, and activities.

There are volunteer opportunities available for a variety of interest areas, schedules, and activities. Your time and commitment to the community are important and helping you find the best fit for your volunteer requirements is the road to successful connections! What interests you?


Volunteers are asked to make a commitment to join by registering online in the volunteer management system and providing consent for a background check. Teen Volunteer applications do not require a background check. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email with a web form granting permission for a background check. Completion and submittal of this form is mandatory. Please include your Social Security number.

Once approved to volunteer for the City of Coppell, you will receive an email from a contact person overseeing your area of interest. Register as a volunteer today!

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