Ride Along Program

Request a Ride Along

Submit the online Police Ride Along Request Form.

Program Eligibility

The Department shall perform a records check and criminal history check on any applicant for a ride along. A person shall not ride unless approval has been granted and the waiver completed. Approval will be for no more than one specific 8-hour period unless special limitations or extensions are granted by the Chief of Police or Deputy Chief.

No individual shall be granted permission for a repeat observation ride within a 12-month period. Hours of observation are limited to 7 am until 11 pm.


Males will wear slacks and shirt with collar. Females will wear dresses or slacks and blouses. Jeans are not appropriate attire. Close-toed shoes are required.


  • The observer must follow directions of the host officer.
  • The observer may be required to appear as witness in court.
  • The observer may end the ride whenever he or she wishes.