Coppell's trail system currently consists of approximately 23.2 miles of multi-use hike and bike trails, a 1.1 mile decomposed granite soft running trail, and 5 miles of preserved nature trails. Since 2015, the trail system has been expanded by 55%, and future plans include greater connectivity to surrounding cities.

The system is a master-planned greenbelt trail beginning at the area along Denton Creek in the Andrew Brown Community Park system.

Vision for the Future

The vision for the continuation of the trail system is to provide easy access at any point within Coppell and connect to the regional trail system linking other surrounding communities.

Helpful Resources

Trail Safety & Etiquette

With thousands of visitors accessing the trails each year, here are a few tips for how to share the trails courteously and safely for all mobility types:


  • Walk on the right side of the trail (slower traffic keeps right, passing on left). 
  • Groups should allow space on one side of the trail for others to pass.
  • When faster traffic comes up from behind switch from walking abreast to in-line to give plenty of clearance for passing safely.
  • Look and listen for oncoming, overtaking, and crossing traffic.


  • Keep to the right side of the trail (except when passing slower traffic on the left).
  • When passing, give an audible warning by calling out “Passing on your left!”. This gives them time to clear your path.
  • Keep at least one ear open. For safety and communicating with others, wear only one earbud when listening to devices.

Bicyclists & Other Non-Motorized Wheeled Device Users

  • Bikes and other non-motorized devices (ie., scooters and rollerblades) are the fastest traffic on the trail. Park trail users must travel at 15 mph or under. 
  • Pass others on the left. Give an audible warning with a bell, or call out “Passing on your left!” The speeds of a bike make it possible to startle other trail users, so don’t wait to give your warning until you are right next to the walker or runner.
  • Nearly all portions of the trails are accessible. 

Trail Users with Pets

  • Pets should be leashed at all times.
  • Please remove pet waste from the trail and grass and dispose of it in one of the pet waste disposal bins around the park.
  • Carry a collapsible water bowl for your pets while walking in the park to ensure they stay hydrated.
  • Not everyone is comfortable around dogs. Keep your dog close to you and stay alert to others.

Parents with Small Children

  • Keep an eye on children on the path. Be mindful that kids (on foot, scooter, or bike) sometimes veer into the path of oncoming traffic.
  • If your child is cycling, be sure they are skilled enough to control the bike, and maneuver as needed to share the trail and safely pass.
  • Teach children that they must share the trail.

Share the trail, respect others, communicate clearly, be safe, and HAVE FUN!