Permits & Inspections


Please contact the Coppell Fire Marshal at 972-304-7055 for additional information on the following permits:

Scheduling Fire Inspections

Fire inspection requests are submitted to the Coppell Fire Prevention Division.

The Prevention Division has duties on both sides of a fire. Its primary focus is the prevention of fires within residential and commercial structures. As such, the duties of this division is to review construction plans to ensure they meet building and fire codes in terms of fire detection and fire suppression within the structure. Fire prevention personnel will inspect buildings and conduct tests to ensure the functionality of alarms and sprinkler systems as well as annual facility inspections. Prevention will also help residents and businesses come up with fire evacuation plans as well as perform fire extinguisher training.

Helpful Resources

For questions on Fire permit requirements, how and where to submit, or the status of a fire sprinkler plan, please contact Building Inspections at 972-304-3500.

All Fire permit payments are handled through the Building Inspections departments Citizen Self-Service Portal.