Construction & Roadways​

The City has a strategic goal to provide excellent and well-maintained city infrastructure and facilities. One element of achieving that goal is to implement roadway improvement and maintenance projects. From 2016 to 2020, the City of Coppell completed several public construction projects that helped to increase accessibility around the city and make commuting a little easier for drivers. In this timeframe, the City completed Freeport Parkway between Sandy Lake and SH 121, which was the last new roadway connection in its plans. 

This connection provided a much-needed capacity and link for residents. Coppell also implemented capacity enhancements at the intersection of Sandy Lake and Denton Tap to improve the capacity of both of these major arterials. These improvements were followed by signal timing improvements to support the infrastructure changes. Capacity enhancements are planned at other intersection in the future.

Freeport Parkway

The City of Coppell has also implemented interim improvements to a few roadways in its commercial sectors. The City partnered with Dallas County on an asphalt overlay project for portions of South Belt Line Road, Airline Drive, and South Royal Lane. This project offered a temporary solution that allows for a smooth ride for drivers. The asphalt overlay will be removed in the coming years, once construction on Freeport Parkway is completed and concrete reconstruction begins on South Beltline and Royal Lane. The County will maintain the asphalt pavement until these roads are reconstructed.

Construction on Freeport Parkway began in late spring of 2018, and the City is working to reconstruct the deteriorated concrete along the roadway from IH-653 to Bethel Road. The project also includes reconstructing the bridge over Grapevine Creek and lengthening the curve in the road between Airline and Fritz. Utility improvements are also included in the project. In the long term, this project will benefit not only commuters, but numerous business parks on Coppell's west side.

Parkway Boulevard

The City identified the reconstruction of Parkway Boulevard as a priority project following the redevelopment of Andy Brown Park East. The project consisted of removal and replacement of pavement, water, and sewer lines from Heartz Road to Lodge Road. The project included an 8-foot trail on the north side of the road from Heartz Road to Moore Road and a 6-foot sidewalk along the south side of the roadway. These additions increase the options for biking and walking in the city, and they encourage residents to participate in outdoor activities.


In order to improve the quality of access for Coppell homeowners, some of Coppell's neighborhood alleys are also being reconstructed and repaired. These alleyways were chosen based on the results of a pavement study combined with staff observations, and crews recently started work. One challenge with alley reconstruction is maintaining access to rear garages and driveways during construction. Staff works directly with homeowners to minimize the disruption, increase the contractor's efficiency, and ultimately complete the projects quicker.

ADA Transition Plan

Further, the City is actively working to update infrastructure to ensure that is complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so that all Coppell residents and visitors can enjoy everything the City has to offer. The City has completed an ADA Transition Plan and is actively working to implement that plan through a combination of standalone projects and as components of larger projects, such as Freeport Parkway Reconstruction.

Our goal for each improvement project is to meet or exceed the expectations of our residents, while striving to meet the broader goal of providing excellent and well-maintained roadways, sidewalks, alleys and public spaces," said Kent Collins, Director of Public Works. "We want to make sure that everyone in Coppell can get around the City safely and efficiently.