Stream G-3 Arbor Brook Channel

Stream G-3 is a natural drainage channel located between Arbor Brook Lane and Leavalley Lane. This channel existed before the homes were built on either side of it in the late 1970s. Over the years, the channel has filled in with debris, and it does not convey storm water runoff as effectively as it once did. There is also a sanitary sewer main aligned in the channel that needs to be replaced.

This project will involve the installation of underground storm drains in the channel area to improve drainage and to move most of the flow underground. It will also involve replacement of the sanitary sewer line that is located along the channel and replacement of the culvert under Meadowcreek Road.

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Project Funding

The Stream G-3 drainage project will be funded from the Drainage Utility District fund. In mid-2022, City Council approved a design contract with Teague, Nall, & Perkins in the amount of $100,000. In mid-2023, a supplemental agreement in the amount of $28,100 was signed to account for the design of additional drainage work that was found to be necessary for the project.

It is estimated that the construction of this project will cost approximately $1.3 million.