Bullock and Howell Reconstruction

Bullock Drive and Howell Drive were originally constructed in the 1960s, and, through analysis of all streets within the city, these two adjacent streets were identified as needing reconstruction. Additionally, this area has a history of drainage problems which are to be mitigated through drainage improvements included in the proposed reconstruction.

The existing asphalt roadways with bar ditch drainage will be replaced with new concrete pavement with curb and gutter drainage and expanded cul-de-sac turn-arounds to improve access for emergency services. The project will include water and sewer improvements, as well as the addition of new sidewalks, alley pavement between the two roadways, and underground storm drains.

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  3. View the street cross-section (PDF)

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The ramps, sidewalks, street crossings, and intersections associated with this project will be replaced and will look different than before. The City of Coppell is making these updates to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines requirements that allow people with disabilities to use the public rights-of-way safely and without barriers. Learn more on the Accessible Intersections page

Project Funding

The Bullock Drive and Howell Drive reconstruction project will be funded from the quarter-cent sales tax fund. In late 2022, City Council approved a design contract with Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers, LLC in the amount of $213,777.50. In mid-2023, a supplemental agreement in the amount of $40,500 was signed to account for the design of additional sewer work that was found to be necessary for the project.

It is estimated that the complete reconstruction of these two streets will cost approximately $3.5 million.