Memorials & Donations

Apply to Make a Park Donation

(please read the Park System Donation Policy before submitting an application)

Park System Donation Policy

The City of Coppell (hereinafter “City”) has the desire to preserve the aesthetics and integrity of the park system while allowing donated projects (memorials, monuments, benches, etc.) for the further development of the parks. Various city organizations, civic groups and others occasionally approach the Parks and Recreation Department with proposed projects for installation in the park system. 

The City desires to create an application process which will outline the requirements for potential projects and donations. This application will require a review process by the City and, if necessary, the Parks and Recreation Board (per Section C of this document) to determine if the qualifying criteria have been met. 

Compliance with this policy, and subsequent approval of the project or donation, shall be a condition precedent to performing work on Public Park property unless contracted otherwise by the City. 

While the City understands the occasional desire to donate monuments, memorials, or other projects, the City is under no obligation to accept the donation even if it meets all criteria set forth in this policy and meets all required application criteria. 


In order to apply to have a particular project reviewed, a responsible representative for the applying group must make application following the procedures below: 

Application Criteria 

Each applicant should be prepared to enter into an Agreement for Donation to the Parks System which will cover the work to be completed, submittal of documents to Coppell Community Experiences for review, and will require a maintenance agreement unless waived by the City. 

  1. An Application for Donation to the Parks System Agreement should be filed with Coppell Community Experiences at least 120 days prior to the beginning of the proposed work. 
  2. If construction is to take place by the applicant (in coordination with and approved by the City), applicant shall provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with endorsement naming the City of Coppell as additional insured.
  3. The Agreement shall be accompanied by drawings, specifications and descriptions of the proposal sufficient to describe the exact location of the project, materials to be used, colors, size of structures, etc. 
  4. Proposals that include structures of any type shall be accompanied by drawings sealed by a Texas Registered Engineer. 
  5. Proper Building Permits will be required after preliminary approval of the project, prior to any work beginning. 

Criteria for Project or Donation 

The following criteria are to establish the types of projects that will be allowed in the park system: 

  1. The project or donation is to benefit the park-going community. The project or donation must have a direct tie to the City of Coppell, a citizen of Coppell (who has resided in the city for at least 10 years), Coppell business owner, or Coppell volunteer. 
  2. Projects or items that have been endorsed and prioritized by the Parks and Recreation Board will be encouraged. 
  3. Projects or donations will be reviewed for potential impact to the city budget for future maintenance. The applicant should be prepared to file a maintenance agreement with Coppell Community Experiences and may be required to remit documentation guaranteeing a perpetual maintenance fund. 
  4. Recognition of Applicant: The applicant will be allowed to place a plaque on the project or donation in recognition of the project. The plaque shall be no larger than 8”x12”, made of metal, with engraved lettering. No graphics (logos, banners, symbols, etc.) shall be allowed on the plaque. The lettering shall read “A donation was made to Coppell Community Experiences by (your group) for this (item, project)”. Additional lettering shall be reviewed on a case by case basis, and City reserves the right to accept or reject the same in its sole discretion. 
  5. Donation/installation of living elements (trees, shrubs, etc.): the donation of living elements to the park system is discouraged. The applicant will be encouraged to make a monetary donation to Coppell Community Experiences for tree plantings in lieu of donating living elements. 
  6. Projects or donations will not be allowed which interfere with any future plans for the park system, whether documented or otherwise.

Approval Process 

  1. Initial Review of Application: Once applicant submits an Application containing all required information and documentation to Coppell Community Experiences, the Director of Community Experiences will review and approve (if request is for a standard memorial bench only) or forward to the Parks and Recreation Board (all other requests) for further review. If Board review is required, the proposal will be placed on a Parks and Recreation Board meeting agenda within the next two regularly scheduled meetings for consideration. 
  2. Review by the Parks and Recreation Board: The Parks and Recreation Board will review the applicant’s request and supporting documentation to determine feasibility, desirability, and compatibility of the proposal as it relates to the current and future vision and planning of the parks and recreation system. The Parks and Recreation Board may recommend approving placement of the proposed project; it may request additional information on the proposal; or it may deny placement of the proposed project or donation. 
  3. Denial by the Parks and Recreation Board: If the project or donation is not endorsed by the Parks and Recreation Board, there is no further appeal. 


The applicant shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of this policy. Noncompliance will result in temporary or permanent suspension of the agreement. The Director of Community Experiences shall make all determination and interpretation of this policy and compliance therewith