Connect with Oncor

Oncor is the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (or TDSP) for Coppell. The TDSP maintains the poles and wires, handles service outages, and reads your meter. 

Oncor Overview

In September 2023, the City of Coppell's Oncor representative made a presentation to City Council regarding power delivery in Coppell. The presentation included information about Oncor and the following topics: 

  • Causes for Outages
  • Coppell Power Distribution 
  • 2023 Coppell Power Outages
  • Next Steps
  • Oncor Weather Preparedness
  • How to connect with Oncor

View the slides (PDF) or watch the presentation.    

Report Outages or Downed Lines

Oncor launched a virtual assistant platform that allows customers to engage with Oncor 24/7. You can use the virtual assistant chat feature on to report outages, receive status updates, and get answers to questions about vegetation management. If the virtual assistant is unable to help you, you will be transferred to a live agent during normal live agent chat hours, 7 am – 7 pm, Monday through Friday.

Visit to:

You can also reach Oncor 24/7 to report an outage at 888-313-4747.

Receive Alerts from Oncor

Want to report an outage or connect with Oncor on the go? Simply download the My Oncor app from the App Store or Google Play! You can also sign up for alerts via My Oncor Alerts so you’re always looped in to the more recent updates.   

What is the difference between Oncor and my electricity service provider?

Before the State of Texas deregulated and restructured the retail electricity market in 2002, only one utility provided electricity in a given area at a time. Since then, about 85% of Texas residents are able to choose a provider in the competitive market. 

That means lots of options for who supplies your electricity: more than 170 suppliers (known as Retail Electric Providers or REPs) are currently licensed to operate in Texas. REPs buy wholesale electricity from generation companies and sell it to homes and businesses in the areas of Texas that are open to competition. In addition to buying electricity on your behalf, REPs in Texas also handle billing and payment, set prices, and provide customer service.

The delivery of electricity remains a regulated monopoly because there’s only one set of poles and wires in each service area. That means when you enroll with a REP, a single Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (or TDSP) maintains the poles and wires, handles service outages, and reads your meter. In Coppell, Oncor is the TDSP.


Review the ERCOT Glossary (PDF) to learn about the organization and its responsibilities.