Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal

Please note: the CSS Portal will be unavailable from September 14-15, 2023, for necessary maintenance. Late payment penalties will be waived in September. Users will need to reset their passwords once the upgrade is complete. Review password reset instructions (PDF). We apologize for the inconvenience! Learn more or view the FAQs.

Customers can use the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal to pay bills online, manage account information and more. This utility billing system to one that is configurable, reliable and automated, and streamlines some aspects of the payment process.

Register for an Account

Who should register?

All customers who wish to pay utility bills online must register for an account on the CSS platform. Account holders who do not wish to pay online are not required to register on the CSS portal. Multiple utility payment options are available to customers. However, all utility customers are encouraged to register for the new portal in order to take advantage of the system’s benefits! 

How to Register

Visit the Citizen Self Service Portal Registration page to read through quick registration steps, review and download the full instructions, or follow along with out how-to video. 

Sign up For Automatic Bank Drafts!

Customers may elect to have an automatic electronic bank draft occur for monthly water bill payments. Customers selecting this option will receive a monthly bill stating, "Amount Due will be Bank Drafted - DO NOT PAY." Your bank will deduct the water bill amount approximately two to three business days prior to the due date printed on your bill. There is no charge for this bank draft plan and the draft option may be discontinued at any time by simply notifying the City in writing. 

Benefit to Customers

The utility billing system offers multiple benefits for customers.

  • Increased Data security. The system offers increased security for utility customers. With restricted system access and two factor authentication, we’re taking extra steps to ensure your private information is secure.
  • Customer Empowerment. The CSS portal enables you to maintain your own information and preferences. Customers do not need to contact City staff to update utility account contact information or billing preferences.
  • Enhanced Customer Service. With updated customer information, staff is better equipped to contact you in case of a leak or other emergency.