State of the City

State of the City
By Mayor Karen Hunt

October 26, 2012

Over the past several weeks, it has been my honor to deliver the message about the state of the City, most recently to Coppell Chamber of Commerce members at their monthly luncheon.  My primary message is that our city is very healthy! Here are a few 2011-2012 highlights.

Because of the mayors and councils before us, your local city government remains a shining example of fiscal stewardship.  While many cities around the nation are struggling, we continue to balance the budget and provide quality service to the residents and businesses. Through planning spearheaded by City Council and administration, we spend less than we bring in.  When there are known upcoming projects, the money is set aside, separate and apart from the operating funds.  How else could we drop the effective tax rate by 2-cents? 

You have a new Mayor (me) and three new council members.  Aaron Duncan, Wes Mays and Gary Roden jumped in, landed on their feet and have added fresh perspectives. 
The City continues to enjoy and explore more cooperative efforts.  Kid Country is a prime example of the City and the community joining forces to build a new playground.  Many people and entities were involved in this joint effort, and many thanks go out to all.

The City and the Coppell Independent School District continue to have a great working relationship – we are envied for this positive working relationship. 

The Coppell Chamber of Commerce has stepped up the pace and is helping the City with our economic development efforts.  When we have a strong chamber, we have a strong Coppell.

We heard during the 2030 planning process that this community wants to be known as healthy community and constantly exhibit this in a variety of ways.  Community members have joined together to work on a healthy initiative called Living Well in Coppell.  You will hear more about the fruits of their effort as the group implements new ideas, activities and events.

Over the past 12 months, existing businesses have expanded and new businesses have joined our community.  Scentsy came to Coppell and has already expanded.  NAPA Auto Parts now has a distribution center and a retail store in Coppell.  Pegasus Logistics and IBM are expanding.  More than 830 jobs have come to Coppell.  We welcomed Zen Zero Bakery, Pink Frosting, the Diva Shop and Aqua Tots to Coppell this past year and they are going strong!  Looking forward to 2013, you’ll see Smash Brothers, Einstein Bagels and Jersey Mike’s join the community. 

I have a lot more to tell you but not enough room. So let’s look forward.  We want people and businesses to choose Coppell as their destination.  We are currently examining the impact of our Coppell brand, to identify strengths and opportunity areas that will fortify and expand our position in the Metroplex. 

This upcoming year and beyond, we will continue to intentionally look at everything to make sure we are prepared for the best and the worst that life has to throw at us.  I am proud to say that I could not be with better people for this task and I am proud to be your Mayor!


Thanks Coppell!

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