Christus St. Joseph Village

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1201 E. Sandy Lake Rd.
Coppell, Texas 75019

Facility Information

Facility Type: High Priority Private Cafeteria
# of Critical Violations on Last Inspection: 2
# of Non-Critical Violations on Last Inspection: 2
Score: 7

Facility Inspection History


Definition of critical and non critical violations
Red - Critical Item: A violation, that if left uncorrected, is more likely than other violations to contribute to food contamination or illness.
Blue - Non-Critical: A violation that, if left uncorrected, could lead to more serious problems but does not pose an immediate threat to food safety.
Green - Corrected at the time of the inspection.

Inspection Date: May 6, 2013
Critical Violations: Employees drinking form an open cup  in the kitchen. Coffee cup stored on the shelf above the dishwasher, food prep tables are accumulated with food debris, drawers in the prep cooler have food crumbs in them.
Non-Critical Violations: Regrout the floor tiles by the handsink, ice machine is leaking.

Comments: None

Inspection Date: January 17, 2013
Critical Violations: Soda nozzles accumulated with mold, slicer accumulated with food debris, not date marking cooked and prepared foods, chemical bottles not labeled, and they are stored next to food contact surfaces..
Non-Critical Violations: Floor behind equipment is accumulated with dirt.

Comments: None

Inspection Date: October 03, 2012
#16 - Handwash Facilities Accessible - Chemical bottle stored on the sink.
#25 - Food Contact Surfaces of Equipment Cleaned/Good Repair - Ice machine is dirty.
#27 - Food Establishment Permit - Establishment operating without a valid food permit.
Other - Clean the wall behind the ice machine.
Comments: None

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    Living Well in Coppell (LWiC) is a volunteer-based community initiative, working in cooperation with the City of Coppell, with a focus on providing a healthy community environment for citizens, their families and local businesses.  Our mission is to enable and encourage active, healthy lifestyles within the community, and to help Coppell become known in the D/FW area as a "healthy" community. 
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  • Change is Good! Learn More About Your Trash and Recycling Service


    UPDATED AUG 27, 2014  -  The City of Coppell has entered into an agreement with Republic Services to provide trash, bulk waste, recycling, yard trimmings recycling, and household hazardous waste collection for residential customers, recycling service for multi-family households, and trash service for commercial accounts.  Please view this page often. New information will be posted as it arrives!

  • Road Construction to Close Intersections Along W. Sandy Lake

    The contractor working on the Sandy Lake Road project is preparing to pave the south side of the road between Denton Tap and South Coppell Road.  To facilitate this work some intersections will be closed while they are reconstructed.

    In 2013, Dallas Water Utilities and City of Coppell detected 23 contaminants in the drinking water and none of them were above the EPA accepted level for drinking water. 

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